You want the promotion you deserve but you worry about the impact it will have on your family life or mental health⁣

You’re fantastic at your job and you’re also a wonderful wife, mother and friend… ⁣

You want to be spending time with them as well as doing things that make you happy⁣

You want to be great at your job but you also want a personal life too⁣

You want to be able to enjoy your time off without having to worry about your colleagues or managers thinking you are not committed to your role⁣

You are not alone in this!⁣

What everyone is thinking but no one talks about is that they all won’t work/life balance…⁣

They all want a flexible working culture where they can fulfil their role in their home life without it impacting their caseload⁣

Everyone is talking about flexible working but are they really doing it in practice? ⁣

You’re tired and you want to be the fun mum and wife, but your mind is always elsewhere⁣

Your work life is impacting your family life and your family life is impacting your work life⁣

You may even be drinking more than you want to as a way to shut off at the end of the day⁣

Or making poor decisions around food or exercise because it feels impossible to prioritise yourself when everybody else needs your time and attention⁣

I completely get this and I have been there too…⁣

I’ve seen people checking the time or rolling their eyes when I’ve left at 2.30 to pick up my children from nursery⁣

I’ve sat in bed until midnight regularly, writing the reports so that they were meeting timescale, so I could spend time from my children after school ⁣

The answer is that it really doesn’t have to be like this…⁣

You want to have it all and you can⁣

You can excel in your career and have the home life balance that you desire and deserve⁣

You can be a role model to your colleagues by leading the way for healthy flexible work routines⁣

I have helped thousands of women to do just this… By helping them to acknowledge their worth and value⁣

By supporting them to ask what they deserve⁣

I have done all of this for myself and now I have the privilege of helping my clients to do the same⁣