You can’t be everything to everyone else and leave nothing to yourself

You’ve worked so hard to get to the position that you’re in now at work… It’s wonderful and you love it…

But it doesn’t come without hard work and the occasional pang of self doubt, fear of judgement

Nor the occasional desire to jacket all in for an easier life running a Bijoux coffee shop in your local village

You love your role and the camaraderie… Not to mention the lifestyle but it provides you and your family

But when you get home you’re going full on into mummy mode and there too, you often feel equally as exhausted… full of self doubt… fear of judgement… but for a whole load of different reasons

“Am I spending enough time with them”?

“Am I doing enough with them”?

“Why did I shout like that”?

“I don’t spend enough time with my husband…

…Let alone time or energy for the fun stuff between the sheets”

And what about you? Where are you in all of this?

Where does time for yourself fit in, outside of the office or the four cosy walls of home?

Don’t get me wrong, you love it all… you just want more…

More recognition in the office

The ability and confidence to speak up and be seen and heard

To have things done at home without having to ask for them…

I mean, it’s not rocket science is it… It’s the same stuff that needs to be done every single day

Something’s gotta give before you burn out

What you don’t realise is that it’s all there for you to have…

And once you accept that something needs to change .. you just need to put on those girl pants and lead the way

And that’s where I’m here to help you

Together we get to identify the changes that you need

Acknowledging all your incredible skills ..  everything that you have achieved and everything that makes you so wonderfully you

And identifying the bits that need to go or just need a bit of tweaking to make life a little bit easier for you

So that there is room for you to grow

To shine brighter

Room for you to be the epically wonderful woman that you are

My unique blend of therapeutic coaching will help you to do just this

Because I’ve been there… Lord knows I understand your pain

And frustration

And together we will create something incredible