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My Name Is Pascale Lane

‘I cannot recommend Pascale enough. She is insightful, kind, patient and funny. She truly can work wonders.’


My name is Pascale Lane (MBACP) and I am a Therapeutic Relationship & Confidence Coach.
I help women to have built a success business to have a happy and thriving relationship.
So often, when building a successful business, it can be all too easy to lose sight of your relationship and before too long, you look at you partner and realise that it has been months, sometimes even years, since you felt the spark of love between you.
The conversation has dried up, the sex has dried up and you goals and values seem oceans apart.
Of course it doesn’t have to be like this and more often than not it can be quickly resolved.
My tried, tested an successful way of working is fairly unique. I will help you to examine all of the issues that are contributing to your relationship difficulties and help you fix term once and for all…
And the truth is… most of the time the relationship can be saved… but sometimes, you may actually realise that you don’t want it to be saved.
That what you’ve been holding onto all this time isn’t actually what you want anymore. And that’s ok too!
Because when we get clear on what it is you actually want, its becomes surprisingly easy to achieve it… whatever that may be.
And that is how I will help you.
In my 20+ years of working with women, as a social worker for 18 years and as a trained relationship therapist and coach, I’ve seen so many surprising manifestations of relationship difficulties, body issues, alcohol issues, sexual issues… you name it, I’ve worked with it.
And the truth is, this isn’t surprising.. because how we feel about ourselves goes back to our childhood
And so few people have had childhoods where they were taught healthy relationship skills, nor how to really love themselves fully and deeply……
But the great news is that it’s never too late to learn
With the right tools, it’s actually really easy to step into the relationship and lifestyle you both dream of and deserve
It’s not true that everybody struggles with them. Some people don’t…
And you can be one of those people too
You can actually create the business, relationship and personal you are Worthy of!!
And I would love to be a part of helping you to achieve this
Because my approach is not just as a coach, but also as a therapist, social worker, business owner and spiritual mentor
And so I really get it…
I get the way that the past affects your present… and I also get the way that your present affects your future
… And I’m here for your future
It is my mission to help as many women as I can to do this!
It is my mission to help you to do this! All you’ve got to do is take the first step
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I take great pride in the work that I do and love being able to support women to facilitate change. As a Therapeutic Relationship and Confidence Coach, we will work together to identify your goals and work hard in a time limited manner to achieve them. This will be done in combination of weekly sessions, a supporting self study course and follow up activities. The more work you put in, the better the results will be.

I have over 20 years experience of working as a social worker and a therapist and believe me, I have heard it all before. When we work together, we will tap into all of those difficulties you are facing both in your relationship and personal life and unpack it together so you have clarity and the right tools to move you towards your gaols, whatever they may be.

I will help you! All you’ve got to do is take the first step – book a free 45 minute call and lets change your future!!

My WORTHY program is a holistic 3 month therapeutic coaching package. Here we work together for 12 sessions, combining video calls and unlimited WhatsApp support (Monday – Friday), addressing all issues in your relationship so that you can improve your communication, connection and intimacy. We’ll explore what you need from your partner and how to make things better; not just in the short term, but permanently. And if during the course of our work together you decide that this relationship is no longer what you want and need, that’s ok too. We will explore all the options so that you have the life you are both worthy and deserving of, whatever that looks like.

This offers you a fabulous opportunity to really get to know and understand yourself better so that your Transformation is quicker and longer lasting than any other type of work you have done before!

We heal some bruises and also set exciting goals for you to move towards. You have full access to me via text through our working relationship to ensure you feel supported throughout our work.

The Three Pillars of my work are:


Understanding Yourself: This is where we explore How and Why you are You. Everything that you learned about love, family life, communication and conflict and where it all began. We’ll examine where what family patterns you might be repeating and how to ensure all of your current relationships are strong, fit and healthy… starting with the most important relationship of all… the one with YOURSELF.

We will explore your value and worth in relationships, how you set boundaries around your time and energy and how you communicate your desire, thoughts and frustrations.

Building your Confidence: Your mindset is what will set you free. Our confidence and self-worth sets the parameter for whether we think we are ‘good enough’ and whether we deserve more for ourselves in any aspect of our lives. Understanding what is keeping you stuck or in a place of ‘lacking’ and really being clear in your understanding that the only person that holds you back is you and your frame of mind.

We examine imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, self sabotage, critical self-talk and setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Building Relationships: Not just with your significant other, but with you children, friends, family, colleagues… starting with the most important relationship of all… the one with YOURSELF.

We will explore your value and worth in relationships, how you set boundaries around your time and energy and how you communicate your desire, thoughts and frustrations.

When we examine how all of the above helps for our sense of self and how we connect in and build trusting and loving relationships, everything falls beautifully into place.


Working with these 3 elements is my strength and skill. Helping you is what I do best!

This is life-changing stuff! It isn’t easy but I can promise you it will be Totally Worth It!!

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As a Therapeutic Relationship & Confidence Coach I am able to draw on my many years experience as a social worker, counsellor, life coach, business owner and spiritual mentor to inform my practice, but it is this in combination of being a wife and mother that brings the whole package to life.

In addition to having a fantastic career, I have walked the path and understand fully how difficult life can be at times. Working for yourself is Hard! It’s not the easy dream that we often believe it t be and it takes guts, grit and determination to make our businesses the success we really want and deserve them to be.

I know (because I have been there) that despite all of my qualifications and countless marketing systems and strategies, the biggest shift I had in my business and life was when I got really clear on what my internal blocks were that were holding me back.

Not just surface level stuff but the really deep-seated stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from creating real success.

This was the biggest shift for me and I am almost certain you are absolutely no different!


The most important thing for you to know about me is that I LOVE my job. I love being able to work creatively and with meaning and purpose. I love that you are willing to make the changes, take advice, be proactive and motivated to change your life and make it the best it can be. Together we will do great thing!! Just wait and see!!

Ways you can work with me:

WORTHY is a unique 3 month 1-1 package of work where we work on all of your Relationship, Confidence and Success goals by combining 12 x 1-1 sessions alongside unlimited WhatsApp support and the Thrive DIY self-study course to complete in your own time. You are supported every step of the way.

THRIVE DIY – has all the benefits of THRIVE 1-1 but is a self-study course… You get an incredible course which you can complete in your own time, alone or with your partner, plus bonuses. Investment: £395




Accreditations & Memberships


I have Diplomas in Attachment Based Counselling, Relationship Counselling with Relate and Online Skills in Counselling. I also hold a BA (Hons) Social work, an MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice and am an accredited Life Coach, BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

I truly believe I have The Best Job In The World!! Here’s why: 

For your insight, skills, professionalism, warmth, 'humanness', experience and empathy, I am grateful (beyond grateful!) As a facilitator, you've excelled with a subtlety that demonstrates your excellence in your field.... This has been the toughest 6 months of my life; thank you for walking some of that journey with me.

Kay, Croydon.

Pascale has been a truly excellent coach to me. She is sympathetic but also challenging. She has a good grasp of life and the general psychology behind it. Her support extends beyond the sessions if I needed and she will always go the extra mile for the people she is working with.

Lucy, Brighton.

Going into [coaching] I didn’t entirely know what to expect but Pascale’s friendly approach and ability to help guide discussion while listening throughout immediately helped reassure and make me feel comfortable.

Sarah, Manchester.

Pascale is very committed to her clients; I never felt rushed during a session and although time flew, her personal approach made it extremely good value for money. Pascale primarily was there to listen and guide discussion where necessary; she makes you feel comfortable discussing extremely personal and private concerns. She changed my perception of [coaches] and how [coaching] could help me. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a bit of a life MOT.

Katie, Epsom.

This is a positive, professional service and beyond my own expectations.

Client, Carshalton.

When my husband and I first started seeing Pascale I had been unhappy in my marriage for many years and it had worsened to the point where I could no longer see a way forward for us. Coaching/counselling was very much my last resort so that when we split up I would know I’d tried absolutely everything I could.

Carly, Wallington.

Pascale made us both feel comfortable (no mean feat as my husband was absolutely the last person in the world to talk about his feelings) and, crucially, treated us both completely fairly and objectively, thus gaining our trust very quickly.

She helped us to discover a lot about ourselves, and amazingly (to me) slowly but surely we started to reconnect. In a new and improved way. I’m really pleased to say that my husband and I are still together, still learning about each other, communicating so much more effectively and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

I can not recommend Pascale highly enough. She is insightful, kind, patient and funny. She truly can work wonders.

C, Croydon

A positive, calming, strategic, interesting, informative service that works. The couples [coaching] service is very reasonably priced for the time, effort and results.


This service saved my marriage, Pascale was calm and communicated well with us, which allowed us to express our feelings freely. The sessions were emotionally and physically challenging in a positive way. I would recommend this service because of Pascale’s demeanour and caring approach.


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