You? Lack confidence?! No way!

Those degrees and certificates did NOT come from a lack of confidence.

Neither did your reputation as the one that everyone can count on to deliver Every. Single. Time.

Or the way you’ve been able to juggle family life and a successful career.

The people who lack confidence?

They don’t make it to where you are.

They couldn’t advocate for yourself the way you have.

Or tolerate the dirty looks you get when you have to duck out early for a kid thing.

Or work twice as hard as male colleagues for half the recognition.

Nope. You don’t get HERE without a LOT of confidence.

But maybe lately, you’ve hit the plateau many ambitious women do…and your confidence isn’t what it used to be.

It was fueled by bravado! Proving people wrong! A little bit of righteous anger!

And these days, there’s less of that…

And a lot more second-guessing whether there’s still MORE for you.

Maybe you’ve reached the end of the path that the women before you forged.

Partner. CEO. Supermum

Lovely titles. But you’re the one with the confidence to go after MORE

You don’t want to work harder…you want to work smarter.

You want the recognition you deserve…without having to ask for it.

You want to enjoy your life and what you’ve built to the max…without being judged for it.

It’s your Have It All Era.

And THAT requires a different level of confidence than you’ve ever known.

I’m here to help you have that.

When we work together, I combine counselling and coaching to awaken the parts of you that have been coasting.

Because, yes, your 20% is someone else’s 110%…but what if you had the courage to actually go all-in ALL THE TIME?

Here’s the truth— you’re only scratching the surface of your potential. However accomplished you are.

From experience, I know that deep in your subconscious, there’s some self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and inner criticism that are keeping you from believing that there’s MORE out there for you.

And from creating it.

Together, we’ll figure out why and banish those gremlins for good.

You’re here to be a great leader.

And that starts with leading yourself.

There’s so much more in store for you. Because when your brilliance and tenacity meets MY work…the results are unstoppable.