You see other women in similar roles to you oozing with confidence and you want the same for yourself, but it feels so hard⁣

They look like they’ve got it all down to a tee… The career, the family, the lifestyle… ⁣

They never look frazzled… like they’re just about holding it together⁣

It looks so easy for them doesn’t it? ⁣

You’re not looking at them with jealousy… It’s more like wonder⁣

Have a hell do they do it? How the hell do they hold everything down and still look so great?⁣

And still smiling and laughing… They look so calm and ‘flowey’ ⁣

And you’d like a bit of that too right? ⁣

I mean let’s be honest, we all want a bit of that somewhere in our lives⁣

But when you’re not rushing around, doing your job and caring for your family, you wonder how you’re keeping it all together⁣

The high power job, family life, getting the kids to school on time, after-school clubs… etc… ⁣

Let alone the time for yourself to be You…⁣

It feels so out there to think that you can have it for yourself⁣

You wonder if you’ll ever be that good… ⁣

Whether you’ll ever have it all together⁣

Job, family, husband, children… Let alone friends, hobbies, self-care…⁣

It hurts to even think about it⁣

Is it a confidence issue? Are you good enough for it?⁣

Is this a ability deficit or is this about having the confidence to step up and embody the wonderful woman that you are?⁣

There is so much pressure on women to do it all and have it all…⁣

It’s absolutely exhausting and let’s be honest, at times, debilitating⁣

You wonder how you can fit it all in… I mean you’d love to, but you can’t comprehend How it could be ⁣

What would it look like for you to have it all?⁣

I don’t mean the high power job and the beautiful family… You probably have that already⁣

I’m talking about the confidence to be able to trust yourself enough to go for the things that are important to you⁣

To be able to speak up for yourself and put boundaries around your time and energy, so that you were able to prioritise yourself once in awhile⁣

How does that feel?⁣

I get it! I’ve been there… My clients have been there…⁣

We’re all just doing our best, right?⁣

When I work with my clients 1-1, we go through all of this together⁣

Because more often than not, it is a confidence issue⁣

More often than not, experiences from our past have shaped how we think and feel about ourselves⁣

What we think we are worthy of and whether or not we have the confidence to go and get it⁣

95% of my clients will have an unresolved issue from the past that they need to shine a light on and work through in order to embody and embrace the fabulous woman that they are⁣

With my unique blend of counselling and coaching, this is exactly what we do⁣

We do the past work… We have to… Because that’s where our story begins⁣

And then we move forward on to coaching and week by week, we move you into the life that you want for yourself…⁣

The career, the family, the lifestyle…⁣

The best version of You!⁣