I feel like this week has been mostly about challenges.. not necessarily  physical challenges but mental and emotional challenges.


It’s been a great week work wise for myself and also for my best friend who has completely pushed herself and is now really starting to see great results from that. In fact we spoke this morning and we were just comparing notes.


The 1st of May is my wedding anniversary and so it’s quite a marker to think about where we were 10 years ago.


My best friend has always been very highly driven and uses that day as a bit of a benchmark if you like. She said that today is the first year where she feels like she is definitely where she wants to be and feels really confident about her path.


Obviously we celebrated that and that’s absolutely fantastic 🥳


Then I had an amazing session with one of my clients yesterday and in a very very different kind of way, celebrated her acknowledging something quite difficult about herself and being resolved actually make the change in her life that she really wants to make, but has been sabotaging for many years.


And it’s just had me thinking about the ways in which we at times can be really excellent at taking up a challenge and setting ourselves goals, but at the same time are also experts in self sabotage for whatever reason that may be.


I’ve joined a new Bootcamp today which was one of my big challenges and it was my wedding anniversary gift to myself because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time and have been resisting.


But I really wanted to be involved with like-minded people… I talk a lot about tribes and I think it’s so important, vital in fact, to have a tribe that you feel bonded to and feel are going to help you grow…


I also signed up (ridiculously) to the couch to 5k challenge set by another group of fabulous people and so there is something there this week for me about challenging… challenges and blocks.


So what do you think are your challenges and what do you consider to be your blocks?


I tell you, it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what your background is, it doesn’t matter what your story is, everybody self sabotages in some way or another.


So there’s your food for thought…


What are your challenges and in what way are you self sabotaging? xx

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