Now this is So important for so many reasons and something which I think a lot of couples either forget to do or just don’t get into the habit of doing. As a couple you need to be reviewing what you want out of life, assess where you are, as a couple as well as individually, where and where to you want to be. What are you achieving and what do you want to achieve? I’ve mentioned previously about the importance of personal development, whether that be joining a class, going to the gym or working on your mindset. But now this is about the two of you. In a way it doesn’t really matter what your relationship status is; whether you are madly in love, hitting a bumpy patch in the road or living parallel lives but staying together for the sake of the children and family… the fact is that you are a unit and as a unit, having these conversations about what you want to achieve is vitally important.
So let’s say for example you are a couple with a young family; you’re very likely to have forgotten (for now) what dating looks like, what spending time together as a couple looks like or even sleep in the same bed… so being able to get an idea of where you want to be in a years time, what you want to do together and how you want to achieve that, is a great way to stay connected. It could just be as simple as saying you want to have a night out together once or twice a month and have time together remembering what it was like before your life got invaded by wonderful little people who took over you life and home, having a family holiday or couple holiday, the idea is that you are making time to share these ideas with each other and check that you are both still on the same page. When you are communicating effectively with each other, you are able to support and encourage each other, understand where you are emotionally, spiritually, know your hopes and dreams.
So make time to sit with each other, talk about your goals, how you want to achieve them and also what it means to you to achieve those goals, both individually and as a couple.