Ironically, the biggest miscommunication is lack of communication.

So what do I mean by this?

Well, often couples can fall into the trap of assuming that the other person knows what they’re thinking. I speak and write about this quite a lot because communication (or lack of) is by far the biggest hurdle I work through with couples.

If you are in a mood or upset with your partner and think that they should automatically know what you’re thinking, because ‘they just should’, the likelihood is that they actually don’t.

The difficulty is that because it is your partner, loved one, they should know how you are feeling… They just should, right!? But the fact is, most of the time really they don’t.

So the next time you are upset with your partner and they are asking you to explain what’s wrong, however frustrating and infuriating it might be, take the time to calmly spell it out. As clearly, and as fairly as possible.

If your partner doesn’t truly know what’s wrong, there is no way they can even begin to rectify the situation.

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