Ok so in this next block were going to be looking at individual and relationship goals. We’re going to start off looking at individual goals because individual goals are all about you and ultimately you are the one that matters the most.

It’s always really tricky isn’t it, if we have a family or if by our very nature we are caring, loving women who give to others naturally. We are very good at not prioritising our own needs and prioritising the needs of our family above our own. There is something there about ‘as long as everyone else is happy then I’m ok’, and while that is commendable and admirable its actually not good enough.

You need to be looking after yourself because ultimately, if you are not looking after yourself then you are not able to properly look after the needs of others.

So we’re going to be thinking about why individual goals are important and this is applicable no matter your relationship status. This is about time for you to address where you are now and where you want to be.

So have a think about where you want to be in a years time. Try not to think about anybody else in this, try not to think about any blocks or hurdles, just think as open minded as possible about what you want to achieve in the next year. The whole point about having goals for yourself is about acknowledging YOU. Jut about saying ‘I am important’. Yes everyone else is important, but I am important too and this is what I want to achieve for myself’.

It means that you are giving yourself the space for personal development, to acknowledge your own needs, and the space to grow and prioritise yourself.

So come up with a short list. It doesn’t have to be extensive or a ten year plan, say, for the next year. Don’t worry about blocks or how you’re going to do it.

Write a list of what you want to achieve and then next to that, why you want to achieve these goals. So it could be say going to the gym 3 times a week, either to loose weight or to get your mojo back, it might be doing cookery classes, learning a foreign language, it might be going out on a date night once or twice a month.. whatever you want, list them down, decide what you want to do, and then work out what you need to do to achieve those goals and what having those goals achieved is going to do for you.

How is that going to make you feel and then set your mind and your vision to achieving them.

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