When was the last time you actually just sat down and had a really good think about how far you have come over the last few years?

I’ve been doing this recently, as I always like to do from time to time.  This has been a pretty ‘out-there’ year so far and I think there is something quite significant about considering what we’ve achieved over the last few years and what we want to achieve over the years ahead.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s been happening for me, particularly over the last couple of years or so. It’s been two years now since I gave up my social work post and thinking about that and all my previous training, working in the prison and working with Relate, juggling my various roles with two young children and married life was really tough for a while. It was really really tough.

I talk a lot with my clients about goal setting and understanding where they want to be. But understanding where they are now and where they have come from is such an important part of the journey. It’s so important to understand that nothing we ever do is futile; nothing that we have ever done, even if it’s mistakes that have gone badly wrong, relationships that haven’t worked out or business opportunities that haven’t worked out, none of it is for nothing. All of it gets us on the path to where we are now.

I’m very lucky. I’ve got a wonderful family, a great support network, wonderful friends and I’ve got a really strong work ethic. My mum always told me that I was stubborn… I had a good friend once who re-framed that and said ‘you’re not stubborn, you’re is determined’ and that has always stuck with me. When I set my mind on something I don’t stop until I’ve achieved it.

So what is it you want to achieve? How do you want to end this crazy year? What do you want to achieve in the next couple of years to come?

If you would like any help with any of your goal settings or dealing with past issues or any issues that you’ve got coming up, send me a message and let’s get you back on track x

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