Are you ready to THRIVE



This program is designed for Mums who want to create the life they truly want for themselves and their children x


Do you want to improve your relationships with your partner, children and loved ones?


Do you want to gain confidence and get back the spark you once had but have lost?


If you recognise yourself in any of these statements, keep reading.

  • Your life is a success on paper: beautiful children, lovely home, good career, but deep down you feel something is missing.
  • Your relationship has lost its spark and become a bit dull and unfulfilling.
  • Maybe you’re single and not sure who you are outside of a relationship.
  • Your childhood has left you with a pain that still hurts and you fear making the same mistakes again.
  • You’ve been so busy looking after everyone else that you’ve forgotten how to look after yourself. You’re just struggling to get everything done.

After you have completed the  THRIVE program, you’ll have met (and come to love) the joyful and empowered you.


  • You will understand yourself, your needs, and your expectations
  • You will actively create the life you truly deserve
  • You will communicate clearly and lovingly with your partner, family and friends
  • You will treat yourself the way you want your loved ones to treat themselves… you are the role model for your children


“I feel empowered – stronger than I have done in a long time. I’m back to being me”. 


“The breakthrough that I had was completely unexpected. I thought I had dealt with this stuff but I realise now how much it had still been affecting me. Thank you so much for giving me this change in perspective”. 


I am a much better mummy thanks to you, Pascale. You helped me understand my past so I could change my children’s future. There is no price I wouldn’t pay for that!”

Want to know more? Ok, so here’s what it looks like:


Module One: Goals

  • Figuring out where are you now
  • Evaluating what is working well for you
  •  Choosing what you need to change

This can be in terms of family life, self-confidence, work, travel… whatever you want.

By the end of this module

You’ll be so excited to know that you have clarity around what you want for yourself and your family in order to have the life you really want.


Module Two: Childhood & Family History

  •  Examining what family life looked like for you growing up
  • Reflecting on how you viewed and received love as a child
  • Recognizing what you learned about communication

This is where your sense of ‘self’ began. Do you love yourself? Do you value yourself? If you don’t, here’s your time to start!

By the end of this module

you’ll understand how to process and let go of your unpleasant childhood experiences so you’re empowered and confident to show up now as the woman, mother and partner you want to be.


Module Three: Healing your Inner Child

  • Understanding the importance of your early years experiences and how these impacts on you as an adult, your characteristics, beliefs and all of your relationships.

By the end of this module

You’ll have a much greater awareness of your strengths and difficulties and be able to embrace your natural curiosity, innate gifts, a greater sense of self as well as am deeper capacity to love.


Module Four: Mindset & Confidence

  • We carry on from the previous modules and go into deeper detail here
  • Boost your confidence and improve your self-worth
  • Seek out your self-limiting beliefs to strengthen your mindset.

By the end of this module

you’ll have a good understanding of how your goals and aspirations, childhood experiences, confidence and mindset, are all linked together. Now we can start to move you forward, confident and self-assured to the life you want to create for yourself!

into the life you want for yourself!


Module Five: Parenting

  • Understanding why we parent as we do, which bits we have inherited from our parents, the bits we have changed and the reasons why.

By the end of this module

You will have a greater understanding of how to create a calm and happy family home, improve communication and manage conflict with your children, whatever their age.


Module Six: Communication

  • We examine how you talk to your loved ones and yourself
  • Strengthen your communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Practice modelling respectful dialogue (listening and responding) for your children

By the end of this module

you’ll have a deeper insight into your communication style and how to make it as positive, respectful and effective as possible


Module Seven: Tribes and Influencers

  • Take a closer look at who the main people in your life are and how they affect you
  • Discover who really encourages and supports you (this can be surprising and is a true game-changer for many of my clients)
  • Suss out your sneaky influencers to stop them from draining your energy – these are the people who have you questioning yourself, your motivations, dreams and choices

By the end of this module

You’ll have a much clearer idea of the people you spend the most time with, who makes you happy and who sucks your energy and joy.


Module Eight: Self-Care

  • Recognise why you have not put yourself first more often
  • Identify some things that you would love to do but have never really had the time, energy or confidence to do until now
  • Start prioritising yourself and doing the things that make you happy while loving and caring for everyone else…. In fact, you can care for your loved ones even better once you learn to look after yourself!

By the end of this module

You’ll be learning to give yourself permission to do what makes your heart happy!






This program helps you rediscover your spark through short videos, followed by reflective exercises, and then group zoom calls. Each week has a different theme, all with the purpose of bringing you to your goal.

In short, you receive eight lessons on building a life you love! For each lesson, you will hear about the concept first, then act upon it with written exercises.  Last, you’ll ask questions and discuss the theme with the group (and me) to deepen your learning.

We’ll also have a private Facebook group where all members of the program may share their thoughts, ask questions and get support from each other.

Want to work with me 1-to-1? Upgrade to the VIP package and you can complete the course with the addition of 8 x 1-to-1 sessions with me!

Are you still with me?? Can you see how life changing this program can be for you?


So, how does it work??




This program is delivered as a combination of work you do alone and work we do together.

Every two weeks you’ll receive a short video with worksheets to complete in your own time. We will then come together as a group once a week for a Live Q&A Zoom call.

There are two weekly calls per module: one week related to a specific module and the following, a general Q&A.

You can watch the replays at any time so you can join the program at any time and not feel left behind.

You can complete the course and attend the calls as many times as you like.

On the Zoom call we will be able to go through each module in a bit more detail and answer/share any questions, thoughts and revelations you have.

We will have a private Facebook group which is open to all members of the program to share their thoughts, ask questions and get support from other group members. 

What I have learned over the years having run many groups in many different guises is that the strength of the group comes from the group members. 

You powerful, amazing women are able to help and support each other in a fantastic way which only serves to strengthen and enrich the group experience.

Of course, I am there to facilitate and support the group. If anything comes up that you need to discuss privately, I am available to talk it through with you.



Does it work??

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what other clients had to say: 

“I love this group so much. The course was great but I loved watching back the live sessions and hearing you guys talking it through. It’s been so helpful for me, thank you”. 


“Pascale has such a great way of sharing information and keeping it totally real. This has been so helpful in helping me understand my behaviours and how to be calm and present for my children. Thank you so much.” 


Working with Pascale has given me a confidence I‘ve never felt before. Through the work we have done together I feel much more capable of having clear boundaries in my relationships, learning how to turn a negative situation into something positive and giving myself a voice that I didn’t previously have.”

So, how much does it cost?


I am also delighted to offer this group to you for:

£1,497 one-time payment 


£149 x 12 Payment Plan to make it even more accessible.

Want to work with me 1-to-1?
Upgrade to the VIP Package and you can complete the course with the addition of 8 x 1-to-1 sessions with me!
The price of the VIP package is:
£2,497 if Paid in Full 
£229 x 12 Payment Plan

For this price you will get: the which you can repeat as many times as you like… once you buy it, it’s yours! You will have the LIVE Q&A sessions as well as life-time access to the private Facebook group.

I know this group is Transformational!!!

If you have got this far, then you know that it’s time for something to change… and I’m not talking about small changes which you don’t maintain. I’m talking BIG changes which will not only last a lifetime but will also improve the lives for your family too!

You know you’re ready to step into your next zone and begin treating yourself how you wish to be treated. The only person that can do this for you is YOU!!

You have the time. 

It’s 1 to 1.5 hour per week of independent work (short video and worksheets) plus another hour for the weekly group Q&A sessions in Zoom. Really, you can find 2 to 3 hours a week.


You have the motivation. 

You know your children need a happy mum who can be fully present with them. You also know they deserve a harmonious home life, along with positive examples of loving relationships.


You’ll have the support system.

I’m Pascale Lane, an experienced, accredited Therapeutic Relationship & Life Coach. I’ll be at the centre of your support system, facilitating the group. In my experience, the strength of the group comes from its members. 


Lucky you! You’ll have a tribe of powerful, amazing women to take this journey with you.


You have the desire.

You know that something needs to change and you know that change starts with you. 


With the THRIVE Group Coaching Program, you’ll be making great changes. Every. Single. Day.


The not-so-secret side effect of all those successes?  More Happiness! More Confidence! More Energy!


Imagine how this client’s energy levels shifted! It can happen for you, too.

“Pascale, I am so very grateful for everything you have done for me. When I came to you for help I was at rock bottom. I couldn’t see where to go. I was so stuck. You have shown me how to acknowledge my darker times and turn those situations into strength.

I feel like a completely different woman. I can’t believe how quickly we managed to turn it around. Thank you so much”

I realize there’s one more potential obstacle that might give you pause. Money.

There’s never been a better time to start prioritising yourself.

2021 can easily be your Best Year Yet!

I can’t promise it will be easy but I can promise it will be worth it!

This may well be the greatest gift you give yourself… and your family


You have the time, motivation, a built-in support system & newfound energy!

You know it’s a proven system. You’ve even read the testimonials from women who have reaped its benefits! These women were once where you are now. Look how far they’ve come and dare to dream of the possibilities for your life.

Want more proof?

 “THANK YOU, PASCALE! I can’t sing your praises highly enough. You came into my life at a time when I needed to make some changes but I was scared and I was stuck. You not only helped me out of that situation but have helped me to transform my life. It is just fantastic. I am so grateful to you!”

Are you ready to THRIVE?

Join the Program today and start living the life you truly deserve!