Have you ever thought about your inner child?

Who is she and what does she want?

Our inner child is literally that… She is a manifestation of different parts and aspects of our childhood, good bits and bad bits.

It is most likely that any behavioural, emotional, or relationship difficulties stem from unresolved issues in our past.

Often she needs to be heard, cared for, and nurtured, but as adults, it is too easy to neglect or reject this part of our personality.

We have grown up conditioned to conform and be sensible… to push away the parts of us that seek joy, wonder, and creativity.

Our inner child can often show up around times of fear, hurt anxiety, or pain and as such we are often replaying these parts and our adult relationships when we feel afraid, insecure, and inferior.

Once we are able to acknowledge our inner child and give her a voice and let her be heard, we can heal parts of our childhood where our needs weren’t met.

Only then can we start to make different choices and create different outcomes.