Just driving back from a family session. Been working with this family for a few months now and it’s Saturday morning and I just, I love my work. It’s just the best way to start the weekend. I love spending the weekend with my family, but this one family do just give me so much joy. They’ve come so far as a family and they are an absolute pleasure to work with and I just wanted to share that really. It’s just so lovely .. this feeling when you know you’re coming to an end of a piece of work with either family in this case, or a couple or an individual and I miss all of the people that I work with whenever I finish work and I always feel quite sad, but at the same time so happy and with this family in particular, they are just so lovely, they’ve overcome so much adversity, for various reasons, but they’ve always been connected, you know, there’s been no doubt of the level of love this in this family and it’s just been an absolute pleasure pleasure to work with them and now I just feel really happy so now I’m going to go home I’m gonna spend the weekend with my little babies and my family which also brings me immense joy and yeah, lovely , just great. Have a lovely weekend and squeeze your loved ones and always tell them how much you love them and appreciate them because we never know what tomorrow is going to bring. Take care x