Took Amélie out on my 4th run yesterday…. having never run in my entire life (literally never!!) I am doing surprisingly well!!

My moment of truth was a few months ago when my youngest fell over in the playground and I couldn’t run to her even though she was crying and hurt.

I have suffered with lower back problems for all of my adult life… made worse by the traumatic birth of said beauty in the picture….

I’ve had steroid injections, had physio, done Pilates …. you name it I’ve tried it.

But last week I realised something…. through consistent regular exercise, the pain has been *much* better for months!!!

The pain I hold is actually fear…. fear of the pain that has been there for so many years.

So I decided now was the time to change!!!!

Nothing changed if nothing changes… right!!??

Starting Slow I certainly am…. but it only takes one small step every day to eventually make a Huge difference!!

What small change can you make today that will have a huge impact on your life in a few weeks or months???