Last week we had a fantastic live session in the Happy and Fulfilled group talking about self-limiting beliefs.

Why we have them and how to get rid of them.
Self-limiting beliefs usually form in our early years in response to difficult experiences and negative responses from those we trust; usually caregivers, carers, or teachers.
The problem with these beliefs is that they are often skewed. Incorrect and based on misconceptions, of ourselves and of other’s thoughts towards off.

However, once we have turned these into a story, they become our truth, however wrong they may be.
We look for instances that confirm our beliefs and disregard those that don’t.
We cement these beliefs with examples of our own fears but never look for all the times that prove us wrong
So what can we do to change this?

1. Identify any self-limiting beliefs and what they mean… How do they affect you?

2. Where do they come from? Whose voice did you hear when you question your ability? How have they been reinforced?

3. Think of all the times where this may not be correct… How many examples can you find to prove them wrong?

4. Write a mantra or an affirmation statement that you can repeat often to yourself to rewire this negative message. Write it out and stick it wherever you can in order to see daily

5. Write a list of all of your achievements and accomplishments… Literally, everything that is good and positive about you

6. Speak nicely to yourself, as you would do to your best friend or child. Reaffirm your strengths and your positives because what you focus on is what you will attract… So keep your thoughts happy and encouraging

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