I don’t want the kids to go back to school!


This week we heard that some children can return to school on 1st June. This has brought up quite a lot of emotion for me… I’m not ready for them to go back… Not in June and maybe not even in September.


 I completely understand that for a lot of families, getting back to normality feels so important. But it doesn’t for me.


 These times have been exhausting. Juggling work, family time and everything else has been so difficult. I work full time… More than that in fact being self-employed.


I’ve beaten myself up because I don’t feel I am spending enough time with the children and yet they have seen more of me and we have spent more time together over the last few months than we ever have done and probably never will do again.


 So there is something there about quality of time. It’s the quality of the time and I don’t feel that I have had with them yet. I’m very lucky in that respect… I’m not a mum who ever looks forward to the kids going back to school at the end of any of the school holidays, and this is no different.


I understand the need in me to try to be the perfect parent. The perfect wife. The successful entrepreneur. I spend my days helping people to live their best life. Am I living my best life? I know for sure I’m building it, but this week has told me I need to slow down and enjoy every moment with my babies, because this little bubble that we are in at some point will burst.


 I don’t want to look back on this time and regret not spending as much time as possible with the girls…. They are happy, they are healthy and they are definitely fulfilled…


They don’t want me to work at all and yet they want all the privileges that come with the money that my husband and I both earn.


Do we ever have the perfect life? Are we ever the perfect parent? Are we ever the perfect wife? Do we ever have the perfect work/life balance?