💕 We commit to weekly day-dates because we know the importance of spending time with each other and talking
💕 But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy… In fact for the last couple of weeks it’s been incredibly hard… For various reasons which have felt like they’ve been coming at me from all angles
💕 But we don’t change the situation unless we address it and talk about it… However hard those conversations maybe. However much they hurt or however difficult it is to vocalise feelings we don’t always understand
💕 I talk about this regularly with my clients because if we’re only ever having a conversation in our own head, how on earth can it change
💕 How do we learn to understand each other and hear each other’s point of view if we don’t make the time to discuss it
💕 Today we had a breakthrough… All of those different things overlapping and coming together to give us both clarity
💕 Never stop talking… However hard it may be. Whatever the relationship is. Commit to learning and improving together