Often, people throw the term ‘narcissist’ around without a real understanding of what it means. This is far more than someone just having an overinflated sense of self but also combines a total lack of empathy for anyone else as well as low self-esteem and being highly sensitive to criticism

It is this combination that makes living with someone with narcissistic tendencies so difficult. Even though it may appear that they are very high in confidence actually the complete opposite is true. They seek validation and attention in order to feel better about themselves and when you get upset or take offence at their behaviour, it then becomes all about you being selfish and need to thwart their happiness.

In addition to all conversations coming straight back to them, either because they have done it, felt it, or experienced it in greater detail than you have, there is also no space for you to share any of your feelings, struggles, or emotions. This simply leads to boredom or, going back to themselves.

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