My morning walk is a non-negotiable part of my self-care⁣

It started during the first lockdown and never stopped ⁣

I love a great audiobook and have many I recommend (DM me your email address if you want my transformational book list)⁣

But the morning walk is for affirmations, goals and self-confidence ⁣

This may sound cheesy, but I have a 25 minute personal voice recording where I talk to myself and I remind myself of everything I have achieved, everything that I am and everything I want to achieve over the next weeks, months and years⁣

It’s 25 minutes of solid affirmations and goals⁣

Every day, no matter my mood, I write out one page of affirmations and goals and then having dropped the children at school, listen to it on my way back⁣

If ever there is any doubt in my mind, if I have woken up tired or slightly off key, this recording immediately puts me back on track⁣

My afternoon walk to school is audiobooks…⁣

I absolutely love audiobooks and it’s great how quickly you can power through them when you’re walking and listening⁣

My current audiobook is, the 7 Secrets of the Corporate Mystic by Gay Hendricks… I absolutely love his books and I relate to him so much ⁣

But however great the audiobooks are, it never deters me from my morning affirmations practice⁣

Self-care is a nonnegotiable practice for me…⁣

Self-care should be a nonnegotiable practice for you too! ⁣

If you want some tips, drop me a message and I’ll happily share some with you⁣

Self-care is everything… ⁣

But self-confidence changes everything!!