When we do the work on ourselves, all of our relationships improve…
I’ve always talked quite openly about my relationship with Dave… Not because it’s particularly special in any way but just because, like all relationships, it’s had its ups and downs.
As a relationship coach, I think it’s really important to acknowledge this and be honest about it because when I work with my clients, there are a lot of conversations that really resonate with me. In the beginning part of our relationship we did some therapy together which was helpful to some degree but in reality, didn’t really scratch the surface.
The most important thing that has really made the biggest difference in our relationship is all of the work I have done on myself over the years.
Investing in our relationship was so important, but investing in myself was the most important thing I ever did
Going really deep on all of the things that I found so difficult to acknowledge let alone talk about… And be able to evolve into the woman that I am today. Without a doubt, had it not been for some of those earlier difficulties, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’d probably be doing something very similar because this truly is *my thing*, but I wouldn’t be able to do it in the way that I do it now had I not walked the path that I have with Dave
Doing that inner work is *vital… It has made me a much better person.
I’m a much better wife, I’m a much better mummy and an incredible coach.
We all have the opportunity to evolve and so this is really just a matter of choice on whether we choose to do it or not.