I shouted at my daughter today and it made me feel sick.

I shouted at my youngest today in a moment of sheer frustration.

Most of the time I am a pretty calm and patient mummy, but I recognise that when I’m feeling under pressure with work or have a considerable to-do list to work through, having children around the house nagging at me like a broken record is very, very unhelpful.

My five-year-old get stuck on repeat and it drives me insane.

She just goes on and on, repeat repeat… Or just starts screaming and shouting uncontrollably for pretty much no reason at all.

Today for a split second I snapped… and then immediately my stomach churned over. I felt so sick! I leapt up and hugged her so tight and said sorry.

I know as mums we lose our cool and that is ok.

I know as mums we are exhausted can sometimes get to the end of our tether… And that’s ok.

But I also know that shouting back at someone who is shouting, or losing control with someone who has lost control… Is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot.

This is not what I’m teaching my children.

I want them to know that when they are feeling out of control, I will always be their calm.

That is my job and that is my responsibility.

I will of course get it wrong… But I will always apologise when I do.

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