Now this might seem counterintuitive but it actually resonates with and I think this is the same for a lot of people.

Once you’ve set your goals, what happens if you achieve them?

What happens if you actually make your dreams become your reality?

How will things around you change?

It’s really important to consider what your life will look like once it has changed.. once your dreams become your reality.

Really understand that when things change, everything changes..

For some people that’s quite overwhelming.

Maybe it’s not a case of people around you changing.. they’re options or view of you..

Maybe you’re thinking about the commitment that you have to make in order to make those dreams come true.

What you need to commit to.. working harder, longer hours, missing time with family or friends, or something else.

Needing to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone and the mere change in that daily or weekly behaviour actually stops you from taking the next step forward.

What are you afraid of?
What are you need to be do to make your dreams come true?
Is the thought is achieving your goals the biggest hurdle you have to overcome?

You write the rules.. remember that ⭐️