So who is giving you advice? Now if you’ve been watching any of my videos you know how much I talk about your tribe and your influencers and how important it is to know the difference. So this takes it a little bit further.. this is about knowing who are your encourages, who are your supporters, who are your tribe, who’s got your back, who’s going to help you through. It’s about knowing the people who are, not necessarily badly, but not wanting you to either achieve your dreams or are the voice of doubt. The people who whisper in your ear that you are too busy, that you’re crazy, that you can’t afford it. You know the difference between your influencers and you tribe are that the influencers are the people that we spend our time with .. they might not necessarily be positive, but we listen to them we hear what they’re saying. It kind of ‘drips in’. If you have a goal and you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve it, then you need a mentor, you need a coach. You need somebody who has done it before and can help you. It could be anybody, you know, it could just be anybody, it could be somebody who you admire in business, it could be somebody who has, as I said done what you’ve done already and is willing to show you the ropes or it could be hiring a coach and getting you to map out your journey, map how your plan, your hurdles, what you need to do, how you need to do it and encourage you to do it. But whoever you choose make sure that you have somebody who is right behind you encouraging you and supporting you, so that on the days and times when you’re doubting yourself, somebody has got your back and somebody is encouraging you and willing you forward x