All relationships are hard… even the ones that look perfect on the outside are also hard in their own way.
Most relationships require constant commitment and hard work.
As we grow and change as individuals, so our relationships have to grow and change too, bending and adapting along the way.
Believe me, my relationship is no different from yours.
Every day we work on our relationship.
Every day we learn new things about each other.
Every day we make the commitment to communicate with each other…

  • our love
  • our frustrations
  • our difficulties
  • our strengths

Some days are easy and other days can feel soul-crushing.
But there is one thing we never doubt. Our commitment to each other and our family.
The saying is that ‘nothing good comes easy’ it’s somewhat true…
It doesn’t have to be hard… And it shouldn’t feel harder than it is good… But there is merit in this saying in so much that a long-term relationship requires so much… Open communication, flexibility, and the determination to grow together.
It may now not be easy but for me, it’s definitely worth it!