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In order for us to be focused and motivated to reach your goals, I prefer to work in a time limited manner. This means that I will provide a package of work which is fixed in length and cost. During that time, we will work together to establish your goals, come up with a plan and work effectively towards the end result. I encourage you to utilise me as much as you need and I will be giving you follow up tasks to do in between our weekly sessions. Relationship Coaching is not easy! It requires hard work, honesty and commitment; Without this, you won’t achieve the benefits you are focused on.  As stuff comes up, which it inevitably does, I will support you and help you to work through it and over come it. This is life changing stuff!! Its exciting and exhilarating. Its also quite scary and at times hard. But don’t worry about that! Just know that once you have committed to the work, you are on the path to change and that at the end of it, life will be different… BETTER!!! I will help you in every way that I can!! 

The Relationship Coaching package is arranged in a 12 week block. This is important for several reasons.

  • We are clear from the offset about the work we will do and that we will not ‘drift’ through our work
  • You are focused and motivated to attend to and complete the work because it is time limited
  • You know that you have value for money because we need to get results effectively and efficiently 

All sessions will be at a set time each week which is agreed by us both. 

Sessions are bought in a package of 12 weeks, with the option of adding additional 4 week blocks at the end of the course. The cost of 121 weeks is £1100 if paid in full or alternatively you can pay 3 monthly installments of £385 (£1,155). Additional packages can be purchased for 4 weeks at £350 or alternatively one-off maintenance sessions at £95 per monthly session.

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