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Therapeutic Relationship & Life Coach 

In order for us to be focused and motivated to reach your goals, I prefer to work in a time limited manner. This means that I will provide a package of work which is fixed in length and cost.

During that time, we will work together to establish your goals, come up with a plan and work effectively towards the end result. I encourage you to utilise me as much as you need and I may be giving you follow up tasks to do in between our weekly sessions. Relationship & Life Coaching is not easy! It requires hard work, honesty and commitment; Without this, you won’t achieve the benefits you are focused on.  As stuff comes up, which it inevitably does, I will support you and help you to work through it and over come it. This is life changing stuff!! Its exciting and exhilarating. Its also quite scary and at times hard. But don’t worry about that! Just know that once you have committed to the work, you are on the path to change and that at the end of it, life will be different… BETTER!!! I will help you in every way that I can!! 

The Therapeutic Relationship & Life Coaching package is arranged in a 12 week block. This is important for several reasons.

  • We are clear from the offset about the work we will do and that we will not ‘drift’ through our work
  • You are focused and motivated to attend to and complete the work because it is time limited
  • You know that you have value for money because we need to get results effectively and efficiently 

All sessions will be at a set time each week which is agreed by us both. 

We will work closely together for 12 weeks, addressing the challenges you are wishing to address. You can contact me via video message, voice message or text/email in-between sessions if there is anything pressing you need to share or seek advice on. I am not off-limits.  

If you feel that you would like to continue with the coaching, we can discuss ways that work best for you; either for an additional month-by-month, fortnightly or monthly check-ins. 

I also have a 6-week, online course Be Happy in Life and Love which you can download and complete in your own time at home. The cost of this is £350 and you can find out more information about it here:

If you want to be Happy in Life and Love, contact me on the link below and let’s get started x

For your insight, skills, professionalism, warmth, 'humanness', experience and empathy, I am grateful (beyond grateful!) As a facilitator, you've excelled with a subtlety that demonstrates your excellence in your field.... This has been the toughest 6 months of my life; thank you for walking some of that journey with me.

Kay, Croydon.

Pascale has been a truly excellent coach to me. She is sympathetic but also challenging. She has a good grasp of life and the general psychology behind it. Her support extends beyond the sessions if I needed and she will always go the extra mile for the people she is working with.

Lucy, Brighton.

Going into [coaching] I didn’t entirely know what to expect but Pascale’s friendly approach and ability to help guide discussion while listening throughout immediately helped reassure and make me feel comfortable.

Sarah, Manchester.

Pascale is very committed to her clients; I never felt rushed during a session and although time flew, her personal approach made it extremely good value for money. Pascale primarily was there to listen and guide discussion where necessary; she makes you feel comfortable discussing extremely personal and private concerns. She changed my perception of [coaches] and how [coaching] could help me. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a bit of a life MOT.

Katie, Epsom.

This is a positive, professional service and beyond my own expectations.

Client, Carshalton.

When my husband and I first started seeing Pascale I had been unhappy in my marriage for many years and it had worsened to the point where I could no longer see a way forward for us. Coaching/counselling was very much my last resort so that when we split up I would know I’d tried absolutely everything I could.

Carly, Wallington.

Pascale made us both feel comfortable (no mean feat as my husband was absolutely the last person in the world to talk about his feelings) and, crucially, treated us both completely fairly and objectively, thus gaining our trust very quickly.

She helped us to discover a lot about ourselves, and amazingly (to me) slowly but surely we started to reconnect. In a new and improved way. I’m really pleased to say that my husband and I are still together, still learning about each other, communicating so much more effectively and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

I can not recommend Pascale highly enough. She is insightful, kind, patient and funny. She truly can work wonders.

C, Croydon

A positive, calming, strategic, interesting, informative service that works. The couples [coaching] service is very reasonably priced for the time, effort and results.


This service saved my marriage, Pascale was calm and communicated well with us, which allowed us to express our feelings freely. The sessions were emotionally and physically challenging in a positive way. I would recommend this service because of Pascale’s demeanour and caring approach.


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