So what’s the problem? Are you single and fed up of having the wrong kind of man in your life? Maybe you feel like you just don’t seem to attract the right kind of me; the men that you bring into your life are either not committed or they’re only after you for one thing?  Or maybe they want a mother figure? For whatever reason they are not the right kind of man for you, but you keep on repeating the same old patterns. You keep on attracting the same kind of man all the time. Maybe your single or maybe you are in a relationship and you know that your relationship isn’t right and you feel unhappy about it, but you don’t want to be alone. You might be worried that you are getting on, (which by the way you are probably not), but you might be worried that you are. Or you might feel like this is your last chance and that having a rubbish relationship is better than having no relationship at all??

There are loads of different reasons and loads of different situations that you might be in, but lets just get one thing straight. If you feel like you constantly attracting the same kind of man all of the time (and I say man because most of the women I work with are heterosexual but absolutely not exclusively!).. are you really that unlucky? Are you really attracting the wrong kind of man all the time? Are all men bad?? I don’t think for a minute all men are bad, not at all. My guess, as hard as it is for me to say, is that the problem most likely is YOU. Its so difficult to say that out loud or write that down, but the reality is that it is most likely true.  The reality is that if you are constantly picking the same type and you are constantly going from one ‘bad’ relationship to another. If you are always picking the wrong kind of guy, the common denominator in all of that is YOU!

So how are you showing up? How are you presenting yourself? How do you feel about yourself? My guess from lots of experience, is that whatever you are putting out there is attracting the wrong kind of men because ultimately you don’t feel good about yourself. There is something which is showing up in you that is either putting up with or accepting situations that you shouldn’t be accepting for yourself. What do you think you are worth? Do you think you are worth more than that? Do you want more than that? Are you settling? What do you deserve.

So were going to be looking at all of this in more detail over the weeks ahead and I will be inviting you to work with me because the really good news about all of this is that if the problem is you, if the difficulty that you are finding but not realising, is that you are putting out stuff that is attracting the wrong kind of guy, that’s great, because, we can fix that. We can work together, and we can examine all of that stuff, we can examine your self esteem, your self worth, your past relationships and everything that goes with it and we can rebuild you!! A Fabulous YOU who knows she deserve better, who wants more and is absolutely going to go out and get it!!

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