❣️If you are running a business, running a home, probably looking after children, no matter what their age and trying to maintain all of this, it’s really easy to forget to look after yourself.

❣️What do you do when the end of the day comes and you are just so exhausted you can’t think of anything but to flop on the sofa, maybe carry on working on your phone or on your laptop, or you’re doing school stuff for the kids for the next day, or you’ve just got a couple more errands before the day is over. When do you get time to look after yourself?

❣️ It’s exhausting, let alone trying to maintain your relationship.

❣️So what does looking after yourself mean? Now obviously it will mean different things to different people. Some might consider self-care going to bed early or having a bath or giving yourself a facial, you know, like a home face pack. Some might consider exercise, making sure that you’re going out walking or running or going to the gym or doing yoga.. meditation. Some might consider it going out with your girlfriends at the weekend, or going out with your partner at the weekend or going out by yourself or having a spa day.

❣️It doesn’t really matter what you consider yourself care as long as you remember to do it. I speak as somebody who is self-employed, a wife and mother of two. I totally totally get that self-care is the easiest thing I think to be forgotten. But it is the most important thing! I’m much better at practising self-care now because I preach it so much to others. It would be totally wrong of me to tell everybody else to do something that I’m not doing.

❣️I work with a lot of self-employed mummies and I say to all of them all the time you just can’t pour from an empty cup. You have to be able to look after yourself in order to properly look after everyone else. So give it some thought.

❣️What is it you are doing to look after yourself today, tomorrow, next week? Build it into your weekly plan. Build into your daily routine. Make sure that every day you are putting some time aside; maybe some days more, some days less but make sure that you’re putting some time aside for you .. because You Matter!! x

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