Let’s think about the messages we send out to our children and how they are experiencing family life. If you are in a difficult family situation, an unhappy relationship or a toxic household, what do you imagine your children are learning about family life? What do you think they are learning about communication? We talk to children about being open with their feelings, about communicating properly, about how they show up, that they need to share a problem in order to resolve it. We tell them they need to be able to talk and express themselves in order to resolve it. But very often, the rules seem to really change when we are thinking about how the adults in the family relate and communicate with each other.

It’s always very interesting to hear that children’s behaviour is often disruptive and can be quite difficult at home. This might be in terms of frustration or it can turn into anxiety and withdrawing. Now under no circumstances am I saying here that this is a blame game and that any difficulties are solely based on family situations. But what I am saying is that we need to be very mindful about what we are teaching our children about love, acceptance, communication, fairness and empathy. We need to practice what we preach ❤️

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