What is your relationship history and do you wish that it could be better? 

Maybe you’ve had lots of relationships but never really managed to settle down and find that one. Or maybe you’ve been married and divorced or married and divorced several times maybe you’re a hopeless romantic but your prince charming just has never come along. So what’s the story? A lot of the work that I do with couples and with women do seem to follow a similar pattern. Often women speak about coming from broken families, not necessarily traumatic but they have been somehow, affected by their parents split. Or maybe there hasn’t been a parents split. Maybe they viewed their parents marriage as very unhappy or they’ve used their mother as unhappy or unsatisfied. Sometimes, there is no family background that makes sense to belonging and searching that some women do. Sometimes the parents may be very happily married and they have Been searching all their life for their prince charming to replicate their parents relationship but never quite finding the one to do it. Many have kissed many frogs along the way. It’s often very important to understand what love was like growing up for you. What did you say what did you hear, what was your experience. How much time have you spent wondering if your family upbringing has influence, not just your love life brackets and death, but actually what impact this has had on potential blockages that you may have in finding your happy ever after.

If you are not emotionally healthy if you are not able to be fully reflective on your own thoughts and feelings, to be totally honest with yourself about your emotional health and well-being, the good bits and the bad bits, you will never attract the right partner. You may attract a lot of men, they may not all even be that bad. But they won’t be the right one for you.It’s the old cliche I’m afraid. If you cannot love yourself, nobody else truly can. So what are you willing to do to make your future happy? What are you willing to our you able to work honestly and openly about what might be getting in the way of your happy ending?


Pascale Lane

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