❤️ Gratitude and Affirmations ❤️

You’ve probably figured out by now, I’m big on gratitude and affirmations. I think it is so worthwhile to be able to show appreciation to your partner and in fact, show appreciation to everyone!

We all like to hear that we are making a positive difference or a positive impact in peoples lives, I mean, this one goes out to everyone … like like spread it around, like give these give these praises out to anyone who you are coming into contact with.

It’s so just it’s so nice, to know that even when you’re feeling completely rubbish or if you’re feeling like you are taking each other for granted, to be able to say thank you and to point out nice things about each other, things that you really appreciate about each other, just never get tired. I really challenge you on that. It never gets tired.

Use it on your children, you know if you want to get your kids to do something, then you know praise them. If you want a colleague at work or somebody at work to do something, praise them..

You know, I’m not talking about being disingenuous. Being disingenuous is horrible, nobody likes that. Be genuine in what you’re saying, I’m not I’m not using it as a tool of manipulation, I’m just saying you know, when we feel good about ourselves we are encouraged to do more.

Like if somebody talks nicely to you and is grateful to you, you want to go out of your way to make that person happy. There’s nothing bad about that, that’s the way it goes. Be nice and others will be nice to you.

So if you are not doing that enough or you can’t remember the last time that you said something nice to your partner, then get on with it! You know, start saying nice stuff on a regular basis and see how much of a difference that makes!

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