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Relationship & Life Coach 

As a Relationship & Life Coach I am confident in delivering talks and have two key talks and audiences that I deliver to. Whilst the talks do have some differences, the ‘take-aways’ are fundamentally the same. My key Speech is called When Life Gives You Lemons… 

3 Nuggets to take-away:

  1. You are the only person who can navigate your life and story. We are sometimes dealt a duff-hand… life can sometimes give us lemons. What we do with those lemons is up to us. Will you take control of your circumstances and lead yourself down the path of happiness and change or will you stay ‘stuck and unhappy – the choice is yours alone. So what are you goals, what do you want and what (or who) is holding you back?
  2. Our mind is our best friend and our worst foe. A positive mindset will change everything and a negative one will keep us stuck and suppressed. Do you choose to be in control, empowered, accountable, in charge?? what do you think about when you consider your goals? Can you achieve whatever you want or do you self-limiting beliefs hold you back? I can show you how!!
  3. Your Tribe and your Influencers… Why it is important to understand the difference and be sure that the people you spend the most amount of time listening to and feeding off, are the right people for you personal and spiritual growth. Your Tribe and your Influencers are not the same thing… I will explain why.

The importance of loving yourself in order to have a fulfilling relationship with your partner

As a wife of a husband with Aspergers, I am all-to familiar with the loneliness that can come with these relationships. I love my husband with all my heart and we have a beautiful family and a wonderful life. But it hasn’t always been easy and I spent many years wondering what was going on, why I was often unhappy, what was the cause of my loneliness and upset that I spent so much time apart from him. Sometimes our life is completely unified but often it is quite separate.

As I have reflected on my journey, I have been able to realise that I have set in place some structures and routines to protect myself from the loneliness… these also protect my husband from feeling like he needs to be different in order to make me happy. The times when he is anxious, exhausted, unavailable, are the times that I feel like I need more of him, his time, his emotional availability… his anxiety then heightens, he becomes more removed and so the cycle continues.

As a Relationship Coach, I have been able to speak confidently and openly about these struggles… I work with many women who, for similar reasons, experience married life the same way… in love but alone.

Female Entrepreneurs 

This talk is similar to the above because the reality is that it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is, if we are unhappy or unsettled in our relationships, it affects the way we run our business. As women, wives, partners and mothers, we do so much to be able to put ourselves out there and create the life we want. But in order to do this we have to juggle a lot of balls. We need to be happy if we want to get the best out of ourselves, our employees, our clients and our family.

I know that  the women I work with and speak to all benefit from the same tips and advice, regardless of their background or culture.

My talk ‘When Life Gives You Lemons’ speaks to all women who want to get the best out of their lives and be Happy in Life & Love

I have Diplomas in Attachment Based Counselling, Relationship Counselling with Relate and Online Skills in Counselling. I also hold a BA (Hons) Social work and an MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice. I am a member of the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and hold an enhanced DBS certificate; evidence available on request.

For your insight, skills, professionalism, warmth, 'humanness', experience and empathy, I am grateful (beyond grateful!) As a facilitator, you've excelled with a subtlety that demonstrates your excellence in your field.... This has been the toughest 6 months of my life; thank you for walking some of that journey with me.

Kay, Croydon.

Pascale has been a truly excellent coach to me. She is sympathetic but also challenging. She has a good grasp of life and the general psychology behind it. Her support extends beyond the sessions if I needed and she will always go the extra mile for the people she is working with.

Lucy, Brighton.

Going into [coaching] I didn’t entirely know what to expect but Pascale’s friendly approach and ability to help guide discussion while listening throughout immediately helped reassure and make me feel comfortable.

Sarah, Manchester.

Pascale is very committed to her clients; I never felt rushed during a session and although time flew, her personal approach made it extremely good value for money. Pascale primarily was there to listen and guide discussion where necessary; she makes you feel comfortable discussing extremely personal and private concerns. She changed my perception of [coaches] and how [coaching] could help me. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a bit of a life MOT.

Katie, Epsom.

This is a positive, professional service and beyond my own expectations.

Client, Carshalton.

When my husband and I first started seeing Pascale I had been unhappy in my marriage for many years and it had worsened to the point where I could no longer see a way forward for us. Coaching/counselling was very much my last resort so that when we split up I would know I’d tried absolutely everything I could.

Carly, Wallington.

Pascale made us both feel comfortable (no mean feat as my husband was absolutely the last person in the world to talk about his feelings) and, crucially, treated us both completely fairly and objectively, thus gaining our trust very quickly.

She helped us to discover a lot about ourselves, and amazingly (to me) slowly but surely we started to reconnect. In a new and improved way. I’m really pleased to say that my husband and I are still together, still learning about each other, communicating so much more effectively and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

I can not recommend Pascale highly enough. She is insightful, kind, patient and funny. She truly can work wonders.

C, Croydon

A positive, calming, strategic, interesting, informative service that works. The couples [coaching] service is very reasonably priced for the time, effort and results.


This service saved my marriage, Pascale was calm and communicated well with us, which allowed us to express our feelings freely. The sessions were emotionally and physically challenging in a positive way. I would recommend this service because of Pascale’s demeanour and caring approach.


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