So what was your relationship like with your primary carer? Do you feel that as a child growing you were responded to with love and affection or do you feel that whenever you needed something, you were met with an aggressive or hostile response? Or maybe it was something in-between, something unpredictable and you never really knew whether you were going to get an affectionate response or an aggressive one? Or maybe just completely ignored?

Why is that important? Well its very important because it’s a very good indicator of how you respond and feel you need to respond to in your ongoing relationships.

Do you approach your partners, spouse and even your children with love, patience and affection, or do you respond to them with annoyance and frustration?

Can you be loved? Do you let people love you? Do you let them in? Do you let yourself be cared for?

Its so important to understand what we want from our long term relationships and to be aware of who we are as adults and how we show up.

How do You show up? Does love fill your heart with happiness?

Do you long for, or already have that wonderful happy Ever After or does the idea of that Happy Ever After just sound like Hollywood rubbish; something that could never happen to you and anyone else that proclaims it is just lying?

I think its very good to be on board with how you show up and how you think about these early attachment figures in your life and make time to consider if there are any parallels between how you were looked after an how your needs were addressed? Are any similarities to how you respond to your partner as an adult or your child as a parent.

Food for thought!!

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