Ok so next we’re going to be thinking about long term relationships and what you do when the relationship is ‘over’ but the family unit remains. Now, all relationships hit ups and downs; we know that. Anyone who has been or is in a long term relationship knows that there is no smooth sailing; there will always be bumps in the road. So the question for you now is, if you are at a point that there are more bumps than you are happy with, you may be at a point where you are deciding whether or not to stay in the relationship or leave.
There are likely many things that you will need to consider as part of that decision-making process and nobody ever leaves a relationship without a lot of consideration, thought and heartache. Especially if you have children, no matter what age they are, these things need to be given extra consideration.
So were going to have a think about what happens when you are committed to the relationship; maybe just for the sake of the children or maybe because you value the relationship you have but you don’t want it to carry on as it is. Possibly you feel like you have had several conversations about this but you don’t feel like you are being heard or you just always end up arguing.
So here are the things to consider: Have you had the Honest conversation? Are you both being totally honest with each other about what your goals are. For example, are your ultimate goals to fix the relationship and get it back on track or is the goal now to stay within the family home and keep the family unit together despite the relationship being over. So the relationship is over but the family isn’t.
I am certain there are many people reading this, male and female, who can relate to the latter. So over the next few blogs were going to be thinking about how to best keep home life as peaceful and pleasant as possible. Nobody wants to be living in a war zone and so that conversation needs to start with you both and the focus needs to be where do you both consider yourselves going? Are you going to keep the peace and stay together?
Regardless what happens to your romnatic relationship, if you are going to stay in the family home and remain as a family unit, how do you keep that team work going? How do you keep that family life as stable as possible and what do you both need to do in order to make that happen? What commitment are you prepared to make to your family as well as to each other? What do you need to stop doing in order to keep the home tranquil and pleasant? Hopefully you can get to better than pleasant but maybe for now, that is all you feel you can reach.

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