Okay so the second objection to achieving your goals is often fear. Now this can be in two parts. The part I’m going to concentrate on today is a fear of failure. What happens when we put ourselves out there, to really wanting to achieve something, as I said before it doesn’t matter how big or small, but what happens if you put yourself out there to make a difference in your life and you fail. How defeating is that for you and do you worry about what other people might be thinking of you or might be saying about you? Now this could be anything. This could be a weight goal, usually weight loss let’s face it but it might be weight gain, or it might be to do something fantastic like you to go travelling or it might be to change your job or it might be that it could be whatever you want it to be but once you’ve set your mind on it,is the fear of not achieving it the thing that is holding you back from even starting? And think about that fear.. what is that fear? Is that fear of failing, so you are worried about how you yourself would manage with not achieving that goal or is it that you are fearful of what other people might be saying about you? Maybe they discourage you maybe they tell you not to do it, or you just think that they’ll be laughing at you or having too much to say about you behind your back if you don’t achieve it? Neither of those things are all good enough reasons to not be going for it. You shouldn’t be letting fear of either your own judgement or anybody else’s judgement hold you back from going after your goals because they’re yours and you know, whether you’re making you’re your goals public or not, you have every right to be going after them and working your hardest to achieve them!

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