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Expectations versus reality
Remembering what our expectations were for ourselves when we were younger and less clouded by life and obstacles, helps us remember what we wanted our future to look like. By remembering this we can get clear on where we are now and what we need to do to bring the two closer together.
Goals help us to have focus. They give us a reason to work on our personal development, move forward, and create the life we want for ourselves. When we are clear about our goals, even if other areas of our life are working out, we know we are Working towards a better future for ourselves.
Tribe and influencers
Knowing the difference between the two is very important and helps us to be sure who is lifting us up and who is dragging us down. Once you are aware of this you can be sure to spend more time with the people who are rooting for you and not the ones who are holding you back
Values and self-worth
What do you dream of for yourself? What are your goals and what are your ambitions? It’s very good to have goals and know where you want to be but do you really believe you’re worth it? Do you really believe that you deserve what you are asking for?
Do you believe that you can do anything you put your mind to or do you have self-limiting beliefs? Are you stuck in the thinking that this is as good as it gets or do you set your mind to something and not stop until you get it?
What makes you happy?
Do you do enough of what makes you happy? Do you feel your time with things that you think you should be doing? What holds you back from doing the things you’ve either always wanted to do always wanted to do more off?



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