❤️ I talk a lot about self-care, but what about the care of your relationship? How are you putting time aside to nurture your relationship and make sure that you’re giving it everything that it needs? It’s really difficult, especially if you are a business owner, if you’re self-employed or maybe if the hours that you put into your career just take up so much time. You probably have a family and children, no matter what age they are, take up our time, energy and mental space.

❤️ I spoke in the previous post about making sure that you are putting time aside to look after yourself, but what about your relationship? What happens if at the end of the day you are completely spent? How do you make time to nurture your relationship and put that time aside that it really needs?
It’s can be difficult, I get that, but I also think that it is so important because I know how easy it is to take each other for granted.
❤️ It’s so easy to just think that the other person is going to always be there no matter what… and I don’t mean that if you don’t nurture your relationship your marriage or relationship is doomed but just that once you take each other for granted you can drift apart very easily if you’re not making the effort to keep connected; if you are not making time to share any difficulties in your relationship or speak about any difficulties that you’re having outside of your relationship.
❤️ You know, one of the worst things that can happen to your relationship is that resentment sets in, and once that happens, whatever the reason for it, it becomes really hard work. You then need to start unpicking it to find the root cause of that resentment is; how that behaviour has manifested in your relationship, what that symbolises, to you both individually as well to your relationship. It can get quite complicated.
❤️ So when I talk about self-care, I also ask you to care for your relationship. , make sure you take time to nurture your relationship; Protected Time. I talk about it a lot… protected time to talk, to communicate, to be affectionate, to have sex, to go out, to laugh. So it’s not just about what Bob did in the office or what’s going on with the kid, but the other stuff that’s important to you both as a couple.
❤️ So when and how often can you make time to nurture your relationship?

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