I had a day where I considered what my expectations of Happy Ever After were and how that was playing out in reality.
Where was the fairy tale dream I had held out for…I didn’t need a knight in shining armour but I always hoped to be swept off my feet.

I didn’t meet him until I was 28 and he was (and still is) absolutely gorgeous and such a sweet and genuine man.. But I realised something ‘off’ very soon after we got together and the quirks that made him so interesting also at times left me feeling stabbed in the heart.

I love my Aspie husband with all my heart… we have two amazing children and a lot to be very grateful for. But I’m not going to lie: Living with Asperger’s is at times lonely, frustrating, sad, infuriating and disappointing.

The flip side is that I am (and have always been) independent and self-sufficient, blessed with a tribe of amazing friends, mother to two amazing little girls and respectfully answerable to no-one.

We live a happy life that at times is united but more often than not, lived in parallel… together in love but mostly quite separate.

Reflecting on my process, moving away from my career as a social worker and into the direction of counselling and now coaching, I realised that there are a lot of women who are living a life not dissimilar to mine… there are a lot of women who are lonely within their marriage or relationship; who feel disappointed or maybe just carrying on living their life separate from their husband an partner due to family, work or financial commitments.

So I have put this 6 week online course together so that I can help women in a similar position to me.

If you feel stuck, on-hold, unfulfilled or lacking something but you don’t know what, this course is for you. You will go through all of the steps that have helped me to find the pat of happiness that I now live. I will take you through all areas to your life to help you identify which bits you are happy with and which bit need attention and change.

Imagine what it would be like to enjoy getting up in the morning and being in charge of your own day; to make a decision about you life and then go grab it!!

I remember what it was like feeling isolated, unfulfilled, lacking something but no sure what.
I can’t even believe I could use the word trapped.

Now I have a pretty great life… my days are filled (and Fulfilled) with not only my beautiful family and friends but also an amazing career that I have built for myself working with wonderful women who want to take control of their lives and make it wonderful and purposeful!

If you would like to find out more about this amazing opportunity to change your life and Be Happy in Life and Love, please click here 👇🏽


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