The BLAME GAME is such a dangerous game to play isn’t it… We’ve all been there.. Myself included without a doubt.
Relationships are HARD!! Marriage is HARD!! It takes daily effort to make a marriage (or long term relationship last)!
Don’t get me wrong… not EVERY day is hard work… weeks and months can pass that are wonderful..

But in the work that I do both with coupes and with women who struggle with their relationships… and my own marriage too because lets be honest, I am human too!!!) patterns emerge… we can get into a rut… we can start to see our partner as the reason for the problem, the difficulty in the relationship.. the one whose behavior needs to change…

But this is WRONG!!!!

There are always TWO people in a relationship!! You are both responsible for your happiness and sadness..
Regardless of what the issue is… it may not be 50/50.. it maybe 70/30 or even 80/20… but the fact is you both play a part in the good and the bad, the ups and the downs.

I love my husband with all my heart and I have never questioned that…. but at times he drives me crazy!! In the past, I have found myself getting into a cycle of blame and taking very little responsibility for the situation we had been in… Over the years I have learnt to understand that nothing is without consequence. Everything we say and do has a repercussion and I am not without blame in any of our disagreements, no matter how big or small.

So what are YOU contributing the difficulties in your relationship
How are you managing those difficulties and what do you need to do to help the situation to change???

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