Why do all of your relationships end? Do you ever feel like things are going really well and then he just bolts? Maybe he turns into somebody else just when you think things are going so well. Maybe you turn into somebody else when things are going so well. Do you self sabotage? Do you change?

Sometimes relationships just get unstuck. Life gets in the way and things just change. Sometimes that’s just how it is. But more often than not YOU are the reason your relationships don’t work. You are consciously or unconsciously either attracting the wrong partners or responding in a way that is self-defeating. The likelihood is you haven’t yet met your Prince Charming although you have kissed a lot of frogs. The likelihood is that because you are emotionally unhealthy, you are attracting men that are bad for you.

Life is not always easy. There are many reasons why we can be carrying baggage on our backs. Some of this is from childhood, some of this is from relationships. Sometimes we don’t even know why it is we are so unlucky in love.

Ask yourself this though. Are you a VICTIM or a SURVIVOR? How much do you own your fate? When you are knocked down, how do you bounce back up? Does each knock leave its dent in you like a bruise or or do you see each blow as an opportunity to develop and grow and change?

What are your goals? Who do you want to be? How do you want to live your life?

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