We’re all very busy, we’re all working, building careers, building families. We don’t always have time for each other, so in this next set of videos, I’m going to be giving tips which hopefully will be helpful to you and your partner.

The first tip is personal development. Now you’ve probably heard me talk about this before. I’m a really really big fan of personal development for lots of different reasons. 
Personal development is something that, I think, helps you grow both individually and as a couple. When you invest in yourself, when you invest in making your dreams or your goals a reality, you become empowered. You become focussed, you become accountable for your own success.

Not only that, not only does it build your self-esteem but it also helps you to to know yourself better. It helps you to become more or more aware of your strengths but also your flaws, your baggage. It can help communication; it will help you communicate better with your partner but also with others around you. It will help you to acknowledge and really kind of bear down on your values and your beliefs. When you invest in yourself, you bring a lot of these benefits to your relationship. Likely you can become more reflective, more analytical, more objective.

All of these things really help strengthen your relationship. If you’re both doing personal development, not necessarily the same personal development , you’re both on a learning journey together then you’re acquiring all the skills together .

In addition to that, you’ve got so much more to talk about! So that’s my first tip. Concentrate on your personal development, think about where you want to go, what you’d like to learn and then learn it!

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