❤️ Touch each other! ❤️ Be affectionate! ❤️ Be intimate!

❤️ How often are you guys getting into bed at the end of the day and realising that you haven’t really properly connected? I’m not talking about wild crazy sex or even lacklustre sex. It doesn’t have to be about sex, it’s just about connecting, giving each other a hug or a kiss goodbye or cuddling up on the sofa.. anything really, anything counts as long as there is some sort of affection going on between you.

❤️ Again as I’ve been saying in most of my Facebook videos, it’s so easy when we’re all running around, we’re all rushing .. I know, gosh I’m late for everything … it feels like I’m late for everything. If I’m not late it’s because I’ve been absolutely busting a gut rushing around.

❤️ It’s really easy to forget those kisses goodbye, or the kisses hello you know, especially if you’re busy with children, doing dinner times and bed times and what have you.. like I completely get that 100%. But it’s so important!

❤️ Maybe a good thing might be for you to actually make a conscious effort about how often you and your partner are touching, kissing, hugging, cuddling, having sex.. like maybe you might get to 3 or four days in and realise that you’re just not doing it as much as you thought you would be doing it, or just realised how little it was happening. So go get touching, get kissing and always, if you can, have sex! 😁

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