Sharing your goals with your partner – I believe that sharing your goals with your partner is really important. 
By sharing those goals and visions and goals with your partner, even though you may not be doing the actual implementation together, you are still growing together, you are still sharing your values and dreams and expectations. And that is so important because all of this ultimately, everything that I ever talk about, you’ll know by now, always comes back to communication. .
I believe that personal development in a relationship is really important and I believe that sharing that journey with your partner is really important. So whether or not you are on the same goal plan, the fact that you are able to communicate it and talk about the reasons why you are looking to achieve what it is you are working towards, ultimately helps your relationship. You growing helps your relationship. You developing helps your relationship and you communicating that growth and development helps your relationship.
It also means that you can support each other, so if you are in any way wobbling, for whatever reason, your partner can encourage and support you, and vice versa. And it means that even though your plans might be individual, you are completely on the same page and when you’re on the same page and you’re growing, your relationship flourishes. If you have children, no matter their age, your family life flourishes; you model to your children what work looks like, both in the career sense but also in the sense of personal development, working together a team, hobbies, social activities, all of these things are so important.

So these are the next things to consider. You’ve got your individual plan, you’ve got your vision, you’re communicating them with each other, and you’re supporting each other to achieve them. Good luck xx

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