Surprise each other! How often do you or your partner do something out of the blue? Now I don’t necessarily mean great big grand gestures, although if my husband is listening and he wants to wisk me away to Venice for the weekend that would be lovely! But I’m just talking about small things. I’m talking about cups of tea, surprise lunches out, maybe arranging a babysitter and going out. Maybe not doing anything quite as costly is that if that’s an issue for you or of time is difficult for you. Maybe just sending each other text messages, gifts.. not necessarily big gifts. Gifts like ‘I saw this and thought of you’ or ‘I saw this and it made me snails and I wanted to make you smile too’.. Surprising each other with nice gifts of either the present type or flowers or days out, lunches, evenings out .. it’s so lovely isn’t it… it makes you feel like you are thought of .. like you have been considered.. Your partner or you took the time to consider each other and give each other a surprise gift. So when was the last time that you surprised your partner or your partner surprised you with a gift and if you can’t remember the last time, then maybe it’s time and you need to be doing something soon!?

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